Your Website is Like Your Home

Your Website is Like Your Home

Your website is like your home.  When you enter a house for first time, you usually have an immediate feel for the place, even before you look around.  The house may feel small and cramped or warm and cozy;  cool and impersonal or open and airy.  It all depends on dozens of details, which add up to create an overall impression.  While you may not notice individual details — such as door hardware and window moldings — change one or two, and you’ll have a entirely different impression (without even knowing why.)


Home InteriorYour home is like your website








The same is true of your website.   What impressions do users have  the first time they visit your homepage and navigate your site?  How do the details of content, organization and appearance add up to create the overall user experience?

  • Is your page design visually appealing?
  • Are the images clear and informative?
  • Is the text easy to read?
  • Do users know what you’re offering?
  • Do they understand your value proposition?
  • Can they easily register and/or login?
  • Can they easily navigate the site to find what they’re looking for?
  • Can they easily make a purchase?  Or otherwise transact business?
  • Do they feel safe and secure?

If one detail is off, users will sense a problem.  When too many are off, they will leave your site for the competition in search of a better user experience.

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